Student Services

Student Services

When to contact your VSS Guidance Counsellor

  • When you are (or your student is) struggling in a course.

Course selection 2021/2022

When to contact your home school Guidance Counsellor/Department

  • To choose courses for 2021/2022

  • To make changes to your schedule (add/drop courses)

  • To submit Community Involvement hours

  • To make changes to contact information, address or phone numbers

  • To discuss post-secondary options / pathway planning, scholarships...

  • For info about Speciality Program (SHSM, OYAP, AP...)

  • To submit report cards/transcripts for courses taken outside HDSB

  • To access supports for academics, learning skills or mental health

VSS - Counsellors

Matt Hendry - DFH, GWS, MMR, NEL, OTH


Jennifer Parrish - ACT, GEO, IRS, MIL, TAB


Janet Stewart - CPP, ALD, BCH, CKS


Brenna Veats - APH, WOS, Self-Paced/Recovery Lead


VSS - Support Staff

Traci Wickens - Guidance Secretary


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